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Our Firm is dedicated to the consultanship and the rendering of legal and financial services over ethic morals and principle tending to achieve justice and juridical security and equity that satisfy our clients needs, regardless of them being private or institutional; national or foreign.


About Aguilar & Aguilar

Corporación de Abogados Aguilar & Aguilar, was established in Guatemala City in 1981. Since then we have been known to provide professional and solid business and legal counsel. Our clients demands in a fast paced world dynamic call for our own continuos specialization to succesfully handle particularly complex affairs, while keeping up to date with the latest technology, as we fully recognize its importance in the current business area.

Aguilar & Aguilar has become one of the most prestigious Law Firms in Central-America due to our wide experience in all legal areas covered in our practice.

Our staff has been commissioned to several cultural, academic, financial, juridical and legislative deeds in order to understand our client´s needs and to provide them with our own straight-forward vision of things.

Founding Member: 
Juan Luis Aguilar Salguero






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3ª avenue 13-78 zona 10, Penthouse Aguilar & Aguilar, Torre Citigroup



Monday to Friday                   8.00 a.m –5.00 p.m

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En Corporación Aguilar & Aguilar estamos para solucionar todas sus dudas acerca de nuestros servicios y ofrecerle cuanta información adicional precise.

Si desea contactar con nuestro centro de Atención al Cliente puede hacerlo llamando al (502) 2339-8000 ext. 101 o remitiendo un correo electrónico a la siguiente dirección:

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